Support Groups

Its funny really , I was in breastfeeding heaven yesterday ! Sometimes you don't know how much you needed something until you get it .. I went along to a breastfeeding support group here in Dublin for National Breastfeeding Week.  There was LOADS of mums and babies there ( who says our breastfeeding rates are low ? well they were not in South County Dublin yesterday .)
Its just so normal , mothers sitting around having a chat , breastfeeding their little ones without really thinking about it . There was a couple of mums with new babies,  Liz and Ruth the wonderful Cuidiu counsellors were only too happy to help with their queries.
My own little lassie Eliza ( 7 months on Sunday!)  rolled around on the floor and  my 2 year old ate far too many cakes , kindly donated by Superquinn. I got to chat , drink coffee and most importantly to remember that this is where I started 13 years ago with my first baby. I still need it on my 5th ! I'll be back.

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