Parenting and Breastfeeding

I don't know if Im the only one noticing a huge increase in "baby training" ? You know those books that most new mothers buy? Im loath to even name them ! But it comes up in every class I teach. Its part of the process of becoming a parent where the mother/father searches for information ( because they feel they don't inherently know how to do it . ) This stage is called the anticipatory stage of parenting. 

 Nancy Morbachers son is 30 today , Nancy is one of our Lactosauruses  ( one of the original IBCLCS )- an amazing lady who has done so much for breastfeeding. I have her new book Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple on my amazon wishlist.  On her blog today  she writes here about how breastfeeding and parenting has taught her so much about herself. The piece that jumps out at me is where  she let her baby cry one night ( probably because someone told her ) then noticed she was less responsive to his crying during the day. I've been there too . Now I know (at last) that if something feels wrong in my gut , it is wrong . simple as that.  Babies learn to soothe themselves but they also learn that nobody is coming, how scary must that be? I believe that early childhood experiences shape our personality later in life. Babies need to be held , kept safe and secure , not broken .  
Have a read of this poster unfortunately I cant upload it -  Id suggest you read page 2 first about whats normal because page 1 is a bit disturbing . 

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