Every Breastfeed Counts !

  I was talking about this yesterday at my breastfeeding class  .
 Some mums say to me "I only breastfed for 3 weeks or 6 months".
 While I recognise  it's a source of disappointment for mothers when they don't reach their goal, it's     really important to recognise what you did you do!  

Remember the Irish national statistic for ANY breastfeeding at birth is 56%. So just under half the babies in Ireland never get any breastmilk at all!  
The ESRI report from last year goes into more depth http://www.esri.ie/news_events/latest_press_releases/breastfeeding_in_ireland_/

Pinky McKay is a lactation consultant in Australia . She wrote a great article  yesterday saying every breastfeed is a success .

Other sources where families can recognise what each day or week of breastfeeding gives to their baby (and their own body) are from IBCLC  Diane Weissinger   "What if i want to wean my baby " 

My personal favourite is the NCTs "Reasons to be Proud". I've had many of my clients pin this to their fridge and cross off each milestone. They say its a daily reminder when things are tough and their breastfeeding journey is difficult. Download here 


Breastfed babies said...

breastfeeding is a blessing to children.

Diego said...

that is very true, but why moms do not ask rather themselves why not breastfeed?