The Breastfeeding Style of a 8 month old :)

Its funny how you forget some things about the ways babies behave during breastfeeding. My little girl is at the acrobatic stage . She twists ,turns, yanks her head back and laughs and genuinely thinks she can take my breast ( hers really) wherever she wants. It reminds me of a talk I gave once about the lexicon of breastfeeding styles . There's the social butterfly which i know well too , my other daughter was well known for liking to chat during feeds on and off , repeat x10 , she still talks an awful lot and I don't see that changing soon ! 
Another style I've read  and experienced  is the barracuda  feeder- now Im not talking about newborns here , it generally  happens when the feed is nearly over and babs decides  to clamp down on  the end of nipple .  Picture the scene.....  major scream from me , throbbing nipple and laughing baby . hmmm . I wouldn't change it for the world though :) 


Gillian said...

lovely picture nicola, we have the same acribatics and elastic nipples here.

Nicola O'Byrne said...

Yes gill who'd have thought we would be saying that after our rocky start with sore nipples ! Both our babies had posterior Tongue ties .