Look back at 2012 ..

Early days of 2013 ...
thoughts about 2012 ..

There were some wonderful things happened in Ireland , lots of breastfeeding mothers came together on a Facebook group  called Extended Breastfeeding in Ireland . It has been wonderful , all the voluntary groups such as Cuidiu , La Leche League and Friends of Breastfeeding are involved . There is plenty of fun , lots of chat and support and the odd dose of complaining ! 
I check in  regularly - somedays too much ! Its given me contact with normal happy breastfeeding every day - I see lots of my clients there , breastfeeding their babies , celebrating reaching milestones such as 6 months , 1 year , 2 years! Its just wonderful . 
Off shoots of the group are 
Breastfeeding Mammies in Cork (why are there mammies in Cork and Mums in Dublin ?) 
Nearly every county is covered now . 
There is a lovely gentle sleep group ( for those opposed to sleep training but needing some support in  normal infant sleeping patterns ). 

On an educational front - highlights for me were 
the Annual Private Practice LCs conference in Philadelphia in February ( looking forward to going again this year) 
Teaching the  IBCLC Exam Prep to a group of eager prospective IBCLCs - their enthusiasm to learn is always infectious . 
Attending the LCGB  Tongue Tie Conference in London in September . The ParaOlympics had just finished - the city was bursting with pride . I talked to lots of Uk tongue tie dividers and consolidated large amounts of learning . 
2012 was also the year when the lactation world opened up on the Internet - webinars are very common  now , no need to travel to far away places to hear famous people speak - Online conferences such as Gold2012 ( Gold2013 is happening in April )   .

On a personal front - 
I moved house twice - and got a lovely new office in my new old house ( very cryptic i know!)
My 3rd son strted school and is loving it , my youngest daughter started in playschool part time and is doing great . MUch to my dismay my breastfeeding days are over - the youngest decided to wean , I wasn't ready but sure i will always be a breastfeeding mother maybe just not a lactating one .

Hopes for 2013
To keep seeing lots of breastfeeding mums and babies who need expert help .
To stay compassionate and caring to all mothers whilst staying true to my belief that every baby needs human milk.
To laugh , teach , listen and get the odd cuddle with all those adorable babies I see . 

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