My Top Ten Breastfeeding Websites.

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1)  The queen of breastfeeding sites . Still the best one stop place for all breastfeeding info. 

2) This is my type of thinking : I really like their  attitude about respect for all mothers and their feeding choice ( as long as its informed) . 

3)  Lovely latching animation and a great book. 

4)  Probably the most widely respected male in breastfeeding circles ??

5)  Code compliant and great latching video .

6 Our National breastfeeding site has been updated in the last few years and has good downloads for GPs and Pharmacists. 

7) the  Again another  great Irish site - highly recommend the section on "ask the experts " . Safe sound information from  Dr.s and IBCLC's . 

8)  Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition I have found of teaching resources here and I really like their iphone breastfeeding app. 

9) infact canada. Since I began in private practice I have used the best start sheet for mothers, this is its home .  

10) uppity science chick  Kathleen Kendall Tacketts website . Lots of info on PPD and breastfeeding . She is also an expert on post traumatic stress , child abuse survivors and its impact on breastfeeding. 

Tomorrow - Laid back breastfeeding or Biological Nursing . 


Anonymous said...

Check out the analytical armadilo, google it, won best bf blog, I really like how all the posts are well researched and referenced
- Jean

Nicola O'Byrne said...

Yes Jean , its a great site , I follow it on facebook :)