Why Do a Breastfeeding class?

Sure isnt breastfeeding one of the most natural things in the world ? Why on earth do you need someone to teach you how to "do " it?
Yes breastfeeding is natural - you will make milk but the art of breastfeeding is a learned thing for mothers and babies .
Doing a breastfeeding class will fill you with confidence. You will know whats right and wrong with latching. You will know if your baby is thriving , just doing ok or in trouble because of lack of breastmilk. You will learn about normal newborn behaviour - 2nd night antics , hands getting in the way latching , wanting to be cocooned and snuggled into their mummies . You will also know that pain is not normal and where to get help if you are not sure about something.
Its also a nice way to spend a morning - meeting other mums ( and Dads) who are also about to embark on the biggest journey of their lives.

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