Feeding Moses

This ( click on post title) is being published in People magazine on Friday . So, I read it and just though how amazing - this baby has no mummy - he gets to experience breastfeeding ( I did wonder about all those different nipples and breasts but clearly that doesnt bother him :) )
There was a time when I would have thought No thats just weird ..but maybe Im mellowing as i age - or becoming more and more convinced and less apolgetic about the power of breastmilk and breastfeeding.
What do all think out there ???


Lisa said...

I think this is absolutely AMAZING. What a show of solidarity in such a small community...the generosity of the mother's time...their bodies....wow. I'm also overjoyed by the fact that such an article came to light in People, no less, when in America there is so much negativity surrounding breastfeeding in many mainstream media facets.

Jen said...

I wish the article had been more comprehensive. I would have liked a follow-up as Moses weans. What will his realtionship be like with the women who nursed him? It's such a special bond to nurse a child. I am glad that these women are nurturing him and giving him what his mother invisioned, but what happens next? How is Moses going to adapt? How are the nursers going to adapt?
How is the relationship going to change for Robbie? How is the relationship similar or different from the father's other children?