What does crawling have to do with breastfeeding?

Sometimes I  will suggest  a mother brings her baby to a bodyworker ( CST, Osteopath or chiropractor) . If a baby is having problems breastfeeding on one side or if a baby won't extend it's tongue and or head  to feed, or if the baby clamps its jaws-  it causes problems breastfeeding. Most of these babies hate being on their tummies (because its not comfortable).
 This is a wonderful article from an Occupational Therapist on why crawling is so important.

Crawling starts with tummy time...

Tweets from the recent 2014  IATP conference included a lot of discussion about tummy time. Michelle Emanuel an Occupational Therapist from Cininnati Childrens Hospital spoke about the benefits of putting babies on their tummies as part of rehab after tongue tie division.  
Her website is here for more info ( click here)

If you find that your baby hates tummy time sometimes wearing them in a stretchy wrap sling can build up tolerance to extending their head and neck . That in turn works the abdominal muscles. 
Here are some ideas for adapting tummy time to make it easier for your baby. 


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