Looking back at 2011...

Happy New Year everyone
I'm looking back at the year and feel very happy about it  . This time last year I was starting back after maternity leave with my 5th baby . She is now 21 months old and  a very independent little lady. I suspect this may be her last few months of breastfeeding , I will find it very hard not to be a breastfeeding mother anymore .....  I really dont want to think about it !
Highlights of 2011 for me were : (not in any particular  order )

Purple Hearts Awards for Bravery in Breastfeeding .
   This year I decided to send out purple heart awards to mums who went that extra mile and hung in there despite awful hurdles . Some lasted weeks feeding , some months - thats not the point really, I am constantly astonished by their determination and courage.  You all know who you are ! 
  • Getting lots of Dads to come along to the breastfeeding  prep class . It makes such a difference and they contribute so much to the great atmosphere .It also really helps that they know their stuff during the early days at home . 
  • The huge success of the tongue tie and Breastfeeding Seminar in September . 
  • Meeting Catherine Watson Genna and Diana West  . Two of my heros.  
  • All my exam prep students passing their IBCLC exam in July. Not passing either -  we had some excellent high scores too.
  • Having an excellent paediatrician Dr Justin Roche  in Clonmel  to refer babies  who were having problems breastfeeding because of tongue tie   . He is truly a wonderful doctor and his secretary and  coworkers  in Clonmel are the best !  I  am so grateful for this service. 
  • Becoming the breastfeeding expert on  www.eumom.ie .  They are a lovely team . 
  • Really feeling like things are changing here in Ireland . There are wonderful support groups now - something for everyone ....online or in person . We had a fantastic National Breastfeeding  Week in October - probably one of the best ever :)
 Finally , I also felt that the profile of the IBCLC is so well respected and more mothers than ever  know about us .  We make such  a difference to many mums and babies breastfeeding experience and  thats what makes it worth it . There are so many  amazing mothers and babies  out there. Thank you and Happy New Year ! .                                                                                  

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