Guess what this is made of ?

Toy cherries? Red marbles ? Christmas tree decorations? 
No .. a breastfeeding bra made from formula scoops . Now thats what I call recycling! 
From the site..  McInnes spent many hours crafting the art piece, which is made from an ambitious two year collection of baby formula scoops (the free scoops that come in formula tins), thread onto a hand woven wire frame, lined in felt, and painted red.

McInnes, who six years ago founded online maternity store explains: "I'm an advocate of happy mum equals happy baby. Whichever way mothers choose to feed their baby, they should be supported as they begin motherhood, and that's what we advocate".   It was with the help of some of her Breastmates customers that Frances was able to collect enough formula scoops to make the costume (and several trial runs).

Im not sure my boobs would fit into though Id say Eliza would be delighted as she fiddles alot when feeding these days ! 

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Breastmates said...

Thanks for sharing!!! I'm glad that you like it. A little ironic huh!

Its actually made to fit a 34C