New International sign "Milks Up" .

Fast forward to about 3 minutes to see the new international sign for supporting breastfeeding mothers . Milks Up . Its a thumbs up with the sign for milk also.
Its interesting because I got some feedback on a class I gave in October . One mum recommended her friends  attend the class purely because a conversation we had about a breastfeeding mothers right to feed in public. I was just rattling on.. not realising as usual that not everyone knows its illegal to ask a mother to stop breastfeeding or move to another place ( here in Ireland) . This is a huge issue with Irish women and its even spread to foreign women living here who would be quite happy to breastfeed anywhere at home.
Im not sure the milks up sign will catch on here in Ireland - I imagine it might draw attention to the interaction when all thats happening is the most normal thing in the world .

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