Should I be worried ?

My 12 year old son is currently ( as I write ) reading this book ... I pulled it out of the shelf last week because the homebirth conference didnt ignite me as much as I thought it would . I'm not having a homebirth - but certainly would like a homebirth ethos ( which really means , dont touch me / put anything on me such as hands or monitors  /and I'm in charge ) . I'm a delight to be around in labour as my other half will testify !
So... Im sure its excellent educational material for a 12 year old - Im sure the pictures are making his eyes pop out . The question is will I ask him what he thinks ? When I was his age all we had was the mothercare catalogue .


Eithne said...

You had Mothercare catalogue at age 12?! How lucky can you get! The copy of Mind Alive which showed hands helping the baby out into the world was hidden from me - maybe when I was 9ish.

gudkizzer said...

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