What makes a spoilt baby?

I was clearing out presses today and came across this book . I bought it 14 years ago before I had kids . It must have been a prophecy for things to come although I wish I had rediscovered it when I had my first baby 12 years ago ( not when I'm about to have my 5th !) ..yes that's a sort of an announcement .
So today I flicked through it - first of all i couldn't believe there was so many pictures of breastfeeding babies ! No bottles, soothers , rockers , swings etc... to be seen . Its just a fabulous book and a kind of gentle introduction to babies and what makes them tick .
But my favourite quote by far is the title of chapter42 " What Makes A spoilt Baby? "
A spoilt baby is one who has been disciplined not one who has been pampered.
I love it and I think this man Desmond Morris is fantastic ! Its pure common sense of course ....


Danielle said...

Just found your blog and your announcement!! Congratulations!! Delighted for you. Hope the remaining months are happy and safe

Anonymous said...

I love that quote! I'm going to log that one and use it when people ask if my daughter is spoilt from being bf's and carried in my arms so long.


Nicola O'Byrne said...

funnily enough nobody has ever challenged me on that one - and to be honest i think if you listen to your intuition it will tell you to hold your baby as much as you can - let them leave you when they are ready..